Aug 27, 2014

mostly i put these up here so i can practice the vocals at work where i have no guitar

new song called Sad Times, Indeed
Aug 27, 2014
Aug 14, 2014

i wrote this yesterday and today while the construction guys were destroying my street and i couldn’t sleep, couldn’t even count sheep.

you might be able to hear them in the back.

it’s called Human Minds

Mar 26, 2014
my girlfriend is kind of weird looking.
i think she’s the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen.
Mar 26, 2014
i thought by the time i turned 37 i would think about sex less. it’s so frustrating to be horny ALL the time and never have anyone that can keep up so the only thing to do is to be a dirtbag… and at 37 that’s not something to do, in my mind.
people’s feelings matter to me, especially people i care about. i was so selfish when i was young(er).
wish i brought my guitar to work with me.
Mar 18, 2014

head in my hands time

Mar 8, 2014


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Mar 6, 2014

always a friend

Mar 5, 2014

i told myself

Mar 3, 2014
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